Linear Stages

Linear stage with a width of just 165 mm and an easy-to-operate stepper motor. Ideal for restricted spaces.
PLT165-SM - Linear Stages

Precision stage with stepper motor

The PLT165-SM features an easy-to-operate stepper motor in combination with a high precision ball screw. The slim design of the linear stage, with a width of just 165 mm, allows it to be used in restricted spaces.

Ideal for vertical applications

Thanks to its protective casing, it can be used in industrial environments. A ball screw drive in combination with an electromagnetic brake offers maximum self-retention force, allowing a vertical position to be maintained even when the device is de-energized. The PLT165 can be easily combined with the lifting stage HT160.

Universal application

The PLT165-SM is suitable for positioning sensors or lenses in applications that place strict demands on lifetime and reliability, such as laser engineering and metrology.

Modell PLT165-100-SM-200-SM-300-SM-400-SM-500-SM
Travel [mm] 100200300400500
Repeatability unidirectional [μm]± 3.9± 3.9± 3.9± 3.9± 3.9
Repeatability bidirectional [μm]± 4.4± 4.4± 4.4± 4.4± 4.4
Accuracy [μm]± 7.7± 9.9± 12± 14± 15.9
Flatness [μm]± 3± 6± 9± 12± 15
Straightness [μm]± 1.5± 3± 4.5± 6± 7.5
Positioning speed [mm/s]4040404040
Max. acceleration [m/s2]
Max. load Fx [N]250250250250250
Max. load Fy [N]520520520520520
Max. load Fz [N]520520520520520
Max. torque Mx [Nm]1313131313
Max. torque My [Nm]1919191919
Max. torque Mz [Nm]2525252525
Pitch [µrad]± 20± 30± 35± 40± 45
Yaw [µrad]± 10± 14± 17± 20± 20
Resolution [µm]1.5631.5631.5631.5631.563
L1 [mm]400500600700800
Specifications are subject to change. Values are for the single axis with our controller. Parameters shown here are typical values for a standard configuration. By customization and given in depth knowledge of your application significantly improved values can be achieved. Please contact us.

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