X-ray aperture control for computed tomography scanners | High-resolution X linear axis for drastically reduced X-ray dose
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Smallest dose with excellent image quality

This aperture control sets completely new standards in computed tomography by providing very high-resolution and low-noise images at an outstanding low radiation dose. When the X-ray source is rotated, the motion unit moves the X-ray apertures so that the X-ray beam can be adjusted to the minimum required radiation dose. In use, the assembly itself is moved continuously in a circular path around the patient. A particular challenge was the high acceleration transverse to the direction of movement caused by the rotation on a large diameter. This additional load requires a particularly stable assembly with minimal room for error.


Lowest stress on patients

  • State-of-the-art and patient-friendly diagnostics, especially for newborns, children and overweight patients
  • Minimal radiation exposure due to extremely fast imaging at a top speed of 50 mm/s for up to 80 % less radiation dose
  • Extremely high-resolution, low-noise images with 70 - 80 % less noise due to repeatability up to 1.4 µm     
  • Reduced noise level at high speeds
  • High stability on large diameter despite high centrifugal force
  • Enormous lifetime at over 3 million cycles
Special features:
  • Ultra-compact design with 140 x 90 x 25 mm
  • Cost-optimized due to use in all current devices of the worldwide market leader with continuous adaptations and improvements
  • Optmimizable for various imaging applications of X-ray technology and tomography
  • Configurable for clean room ISO 14644-1 (up to class 1 on request)



Highest livetime and perfect suitability for all patient groups

For specific medical issues, you cannot operate without a computed tomography scanner. This has to fulfill the highest requirements on the system in terms of functional safety, reliability and patient suitability. In particular, if a diagnosis of newborns cannot be made with certainty without CT, it must be possible to reduce radiation exposure as much as possible. Even with severely obese patients, very good images and also low-contrast images can be produced with an extremely low dose.

Individual extensions and customizations

Engineering services include the fitting of the systems to your structure and the desired controlls. Furthermore, we develop prototypes and like to adapt the systems to the environmental requirements of your application particle emission, radiation, temperature, precision special parts manufacturing, working height, collision protection, safety concept, compensation factor and filter, sensor mounting, brake, decoupling, special lubrication, special colors, holders, adapters, special motors with pharmaceutical approval, comprehensive documentation, test protocoll, llife cycle tests


Fields of application

Computed tomography, X-ray aperture actuator, Adjustment of apertures, X-ray, Adjustment X-ray beam, Precise positioning system for computed tomographs, Reduction of radiation dose, High-resolution imaging



2019/02 Press release Blended positioned

782409:002.26 X
Travel [mm; deg] 25
Repeatability unidirectional [µm; deg] ± 1.4
Repeatability bidirectional [µm; deg] ± 2.5
Positioning speed [mm/s; deg/s] 25
Motor   Stepper Motor
Drive   Screw Drive



Specifications are subject to change. Values are for the single axis with our controller. Parameters shown here are typical values for a standard configuration. By customization and given in depth knowledge of your application significantly improved values can be achieved.

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