X Phi positioning system for inspection of wafers, biological samples (clean room ISO 5) | rotary axis and linear stage


High-precision linear-rotatory positioning

This X Phi system allows the positioning of samples (e.g. wafers, biological samples) at a precisely defined angle to the sensor or camera. It consists of a linear X-axis, the precise standard linear stage PMT160 with ball screw, and an integrated rotary unit with unlimited travel, driven by flat belts.For cleanroom suitability, the cable guides for both the centered measuring system and the moving rotary unit were housed within the linear system enclosure. Bellows seal off the system from the outside to prevent particle emission.


Maintenance-free positioning system for clean rooms

  • Ideal for inspection tasks in semiconductor technology, biotechnology and the pharmaceutical industry 
  • High precision measurement with repeatability up to 0.3 µm
  • Excellent flatness of the linear stage enables high-precision coating thickness measurement with only one sensor
  • Reduction of particle emission to ISO class 5 by housing and bellows
  • Maintenance-free, industrial continuous operation and simple system exchange on the base plate

Optional expandable:

  • Further versions for clean room ISO 14644-1 (up to class 1 on request)
  • Base plate made of granite or aluminum
  • Hermetically sealed special motors with pharmaceutical approval
  • Adaptable for further travels and different samples
  • Versions for extreme environmental conditions e.g. radiation, vacuum
  • Expandable to customer specific complete application
  • Immediate use with pre-configured controller incl. exemplary software

    Individual extensions and customizations

    Engineering services include the fitting of the systems to your structure and the desired controlls. Furthermore, we develop prototypes and like to adapt the systems to the environmental requirements of your application particle emission, radiation, temperature, precision special parts manufacturing, working height, collision protection, safety concept, compensation factor and filter, sensor mounting, brake, decoupling, special lubrication, special colors, holders, adapters, special motors with pharmaceutical approval, comprehensive documentation, test protocoll, llife cycle tests

    Fields of application

    This system has now been supplied in several variants for various cross-industry applications over many years as a series for e.g.: Manufacturing / inspection / quality assurance of small medical components, pharmaceutical inspection, measurement of biological samples, alignment and inspection of optical components, assembly systems in microelectronics, AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection), chipping / crack / defect detection, surface inspection, layer thickness measurement with one sensor, inspection of wafers, chips, die, pins, bonding, printed circuit boards, solar cells

    This system was developed for the first time for high-precision layer thickness measurement of wafers with only one sensor. The chuck is rotated on the rotary stage and moved into measuring position to optically measure the surface of the rotating wafer with one sensor. In addition, this can be moved to the customer-specific loading station for increased process automation.






    [mm; deg]


    n x 360

    Repeatability unidirectional

    [µm; deg]

    ± 0.3


    Repeatability bidirectional    

    [µm; deg]

    ± 0.4


    Max. load Fz




    Positioning speed

    [mm/s; deg/s]





    Stepper Motor

    Stepper Motor



    Ball Screw




    Linear Scale

    Open Loop


    Specifications are subject to change. Values are for the single axis with our controller. Parameters shown here are typical values for a standard configuration. By customization and given in depth knowledge of your application significantly improved values can be achieved.

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