XY theta alignment of UV exposure masks | High-precision positioning system for wafer exposure in dry nitrogen atmosphere
Precision Assemblies


µm alignment for microstructuring under extreme conditions

This 3-axis mask system is specially developed for high-precision alignment of exposure masks for UV lithography. This positioning system has three linear axes with parallel kinematic design: two in X and one in Y. The two vertical axes generate both vertical stroke (equal motion) and rotation (opposite motion). It thus enables high-precision linear and rotational positioning of masks in the nanometer range under ultraviolet radiation as well as in ultra-dry nitrogen atmospheres.


High-precision UV wafer exposure

  • Ideal for high-resolution and automated EUV lithography
  • Highly fine XY theta alignment of exposure masks up to 0.03 µrad
  • Suitable for UV as well as ultra-dry, oxygen-free pure nitrogen atmosphere
  • Minimization of scattered radiation due to integrated concept for lubrication and coating
  • Flexible, integrated maintenance concept, whereby the system is moved laterally out of the optical axis in

Optionally expandable:

  • Various traverse paths
  • Material selection and lubrication adapted to the application
  • Individual solutions for integration into the customer-specific application
  • Version for clean room ISO 14644-1 (up to class 1 on request)

Integrated concept for coating and lubrication

These special environmental conditions require special materials and lubricants. For example, to minimize scattered radiation, all structural parts are provided with a special optimized coating that absorbs ultraviolet radiation. A highly specialized lubricant is also used that exhibits excellent chemical stability and an extremely low outgassing rate under ultraviolet radiation. It is also thermally stable, non-flammable and insoluble in water, acids, bases and most organic solvents.


Optimized maintenance concept

For maintenance, the system can be moved laterally out of the optical axis into service positions. If necessary, a magnetically preloaded quick-change mechanism ensures that the mask can be replaced quickly and easily in just a few steps. Maintenance of the motors and proximity switches, which are designed as interchangeable modules, is just as uncomplicated.


Individual extensions and customizations

Engineering services include the fitting of the systems to your structure and the desired controlls. Furthermore, we develop prototypes and like to adapt the systems to the environmental requirements of your application particle emission, radiation, temperature, precision special parts manufacturing, working height, collision protection, safety concept, compensation factor and filter, sensor mounting, brake, decoupling, special lubrication, special colors, holders, adapters, special motors with pharmaceutical approval, comprehensive documentation, test protocoll, llife cycle tests


Fields of application

High precision alignment of exposure masks in standard, electron beam and UV lithography e.g. wafers, chips, die, pins, bonding, printed circuit boards, solar cells, solar panels, polarization sensitive photosensors as well as microstructuring

Travel [µm; deg] 15050 ± 1.5

Repeatability  unidirectional

[µm; deg] ± 1.5± 2.5 ± 0.03

Repeatability  bidirectional

[µm; deg] ± 2.5± 3.5 ± 0.05

Positioning speed

[mm/s; deg/s] 2525

Max. load

[kg] 3.5



Drive  Ball ScrewBall Screw Ball Screw





Specifications are subject to change. Values are for the single axis with our controller. Parameters shown here are typical values for a standard configuration. By customization and given in depth knowledge of your application significantly improved values can be achieved.
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