Manual Adjuster for Printhead Adjustment
Precision Assemblies


Positioning unit for rotation in three directions

In digital printing, the print head is aligned parallel to the printed surface. In addition, the distance to the surface is critical and must be set. For maintenance and cleaning, it should be possible to move the print head upwards without losing the parallel setting. The positioning unit shown consists of a horizontal feed and a ball suspension. A central ball joint allows rotation in three directions. Three built-in micrometer screws are each pre-stressed with a spring compressed on hard metal plates. Adjusting the built-in micrometer causes the print head to tip.

Use of a ball screw drive for manual operation

The middle plate with central joint, built-in micrometers and print head is mounted on the horizontal unit. This is mounted with profile rails and is adjusted with a ball screw drive. All adjustments are made manually. In the case of the vertical feed, the crank is clamped on the threaded drive after it has been lowered. The use of a ball screw drive was necessary here in order to be able to operate the crank by hand in the available installation space. A sliding screw drive would hold itself, but would require too high a torque at the crank.

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