Double Rotary Stage for Polarizing Filter
Precision Assemblies


Optical assembly for a telescope

For the evaluation of signals from an astronomical telescope, a positioning system was required which independently adjusts two filters with high repaetability. Four of these double filter units were again arranged one above the other at a small distance. In order to keep the beam path as short as possible, a low installation height was required.

Driven by flat stepper motors

The rotary units are driven by particularly flat stepper motors, which act on the turntable via a toothed belt. The mounting of the turntable was achieved with very flat thin-section bearings, which were adjusted to each other such that they were backlash-free.
Each double filter unit can be moved sideways. The displacement drive is not shown in the picture; only the nut flange is visible. For the longitudinal drive, a stepper motor was used, which acts on a smoothened recirculating ball screw.

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