XY-System with Excellent Accuracy Values KLT810
Combinations of industrial axes


Highly Dynamic XY System

The multi-axis system KLT810 is characterized by its excellent process and accuracy values and achieves very high speed and acceleration through the built-in linear motors. It is therefore easy to accelerate heavy loads with high precision on a travel distance of 400 x 400 mm.

Based on Preciscion Linear Stages of the PLT Series

This multi-axis system was specially developed for laser material processing. For this purpose, two linear stages of the PLT240 series were combined, which achieve the precision required in laser technology and have a long lifetime.

Suitable for Industrial Applications

The KLT810 has a sturdy and dustproof housing, making it ideal for use in industrial environments. Optionally, this high-precision multi-axis system can also be prepared with sealing air.

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