Phi-Theta 3D scanner for living lens transplants
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Ultra-precise measurement of living eye lenses

Certain diseases or the individual properties of a cornea do not allow patients to implant or lens transplant artificial lenses. In this case, a living eye lens must be transplanted. In order to assess living lenses with regard to their quality, surface quality and patient suitability, they have to be measured completely and with high precision. Ordinary laser measurement of living lenses is almost impossible. The biological tissue is extremely sensitive to light, so that it is destroyed by the laser when the light is static and / or centered.

To solve this scanning application, a lens holder with the living lens is attached. This turns at 300rpm. The surface is measured by an optical sensor. The sensor is swiveled by + -60 ° during the rotation. This enables a complete 3D measurement of the lens without damaging the biological material.



Highly precise positioning of the light path

With this Phi-Theta scanner we offer a high-precision positioning system with which you:

1.can determine the optical properties of the lens with high precision with a repeatability of ± 0.05 ° in a 3D scan
2.Ensure maximum quality and material life: through extremely fast (300 ° / s), repeatable measurement of the lenses by 2 stepper motors with additional encoders
3.Cost-effective, robust and easy to measure and benefit from stable results thanks to an internal motor controller


Extreme lifetime and perfect suitability for your patients

The optical properties of the lens can be precisely predetermined for quality assurance. This high-precision 3D scanning application offers you the following advantages:

  • triggering on encoder position enables the assignment of the measured value and thus high-precision 3D scans
  • Rejects and damage are prevented by fast, swiveling and rotating movements
  • Patients can use the implants much longer, more safely and reliably and benefit from the best possible visual acuity
  • the lens holder has connections for nutrient solutions for further quality improvement
Modell Phi Theta
Travel [mm; deg] n *x 360 ± 60
Repeatability bidirectional [µm; deg] ± 0.05 ± 0.05
Max. Speed [mm/s; deg/s] 300 300
Max. Load [N]

Stepper motor

Stepper motor

Drive   direct direct
Feedback Motor-Encoder Motor-Encoder


Subject to change. Values ​​apply to single axes with our controllers.

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