Remote and FTP Access

In order to support you, we can also analyze your system directly via the Internet. Furthermore, you have the option of customer-specific data through our FTP server.

Remote Access directly to your system

You can grant us access to analyze your system via the Internet so we can support you in a timely manner. We do this with remote access software.

We know how important fast customer support is. Therefore we offer an extensive support service. For some controllers we offer a remote technical support in the field. No matter if it is a general problem or a problem of fine-tuning. For this reason you can download special software at this page. If you require remote technical support, please contact us.  

Remote access can be offered on the following conditions: 

  • The remote access of the controller software can only be offered after consultation with a Steinmeyer Mechatronik GmbH electronic engineer.
  • The usage of the content provided on this webpage is at your own risk. The content is subject to changes at any time. Consequently, any liability for complete accuracy of information given is expressly excluded.
  • The usage of the software downloaded from this webpage is copyrighted. Permission is hereby granted to use this software under the given terms of the software license agreement (if the agreement is available).

Download Teamviewer - Remote Access

With this remote access software we support you directly at your system.

Data download via access to our FTP server

We provide our customers a range of product specific data on our web storage (FTP server). Product specific data are controller software, parameter files and product documentation. For retrieving these data, we set up customer specific accesses.

First, you need to connect to our FTP server. Use either your web browser or a FTP client such as Filezilla or Total Commander. You can download those programs from the web site of the respective provider. We strongly recommend to use a ftp client.

Three steps to download data via FTP server:

  • Insert the address of our FTP server in the address line of your web browser or ftp client:
    Confirm your entry.
  • Insert your costumer specific login data:
    User name: XXX
    Password: XXX
    Confirm your entry.
  • Choose the required data or documents from the specific folder and download them.

You have access to our FTP server at all times and can download data and documents as often as required. Your login data is customer specific. Do not pass those data to third parties.