Repeatability bidirectional

Bidirectional repeatability is the ability to repeat a movement in both directions.


How is the bidirectional repeatability be measured?

The positioning system will be driven to an arbitrary position on the travel path. An external measurement system (laser interferometer, measurement probe) will record this position. The positioning system drives to this position from both directions whilst the measurement system is running. The external measurement system repeatedly measures this position. After a defined number of repetitions of this process there is a range of measured values available for this position, from which the two-fold standard deviation can be calculated. This value represents the bidirectional repetition accuracy for the respective position on the travel path.In order to achieve a higher level of safety with the determination of this value, the bidirectional repetition accuracy is determined at multiple positions and the largest value arising from this is quoted as the characteristic value for the positioning system. 

Synonyms: bidirectional
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