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Precision for the age of light | medical diagnostics

Created by MED Engineering 2021/03 |

2021/03 | Steinmeyer Mechatronik has supplied a high-precision, customer-specific 2-axis system for medical technology production at Berliner Glas....

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Microtiter scanning system for fast analyses | Laboratory automation

2021/04 | For fast and precise processing of microtiter plates, Steinmeyer Mechatronik has developed a scaning system to ensure high throughput and...

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Submicrometer precision for lasers in space | Astronomy

2020/10 | The Fraunhofer ILT has designed a laser for measuring methane concentrations, which will be used in 2021/2022 in the German-French...

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Visible nanocosmos | XYZ system for Atomic Force Microscopy, AFM

2020/10 | For the atomic force microscopic examination of particularly large glass samples, Nanosurf and Steinmeyer Mechatronik have developed a...

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Blendend positioned | Computed Tomography, Diagnostics

2019/02 | Steinmeyer Mechatronik developed a motion unit for computer tomographs, that moves the 1.2-kilogram apertures in front of the X-ray source...

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Steinmeyer Mechatronik is a guest at Germany at CERN

Steinmeyer Mechatronik was one of only a few selected companies to attend the 12th German Industrial Exhibition at Cern. The trade fair, initiated by...

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Honor Saxon State Award for Design | Laser Drill Head

|   Allgemeine News

At the Saxon State Prize for Design 2016, our laser drilling head SLH200 was awarded the 3rd prize. His appearance is thanks to industrial designer...

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Air bearing helical drilling optics | laser micromachining

2013/03 | The production of microholes in a wide variety of materials with the aid of lasers has become firmly established in medical technology in...

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Precise positioning for the Large Binocular Telescope (LBT)

2004 | In a telescope for astronomy, for example, the combination of DC micromotor, encoder and low-backlash planetary gears enables precise...

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