Air bearing helical drilling optics | laser micromachining

2013/03 | The production of microholes in a wide variety of materials with the aid of lasers has become firmly established in medical technology in recent years. Structures with precisely defined geometry are gaining in importance.


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New concept of air-bearing helical drilling optics

Microholes are usually created by using special drilling optics that deflect the laser beam through rotational movements. This produces the desired hole geometry and size.

Reduction of friction losses

3D-Micromac AG, in cooperation with Feinmess Dresden GmbH, has developed a new concept of a spiral drilling optics, in which the usual mechanical bearings are substituted. Aerostatic guides are used for all elements that are subject to continuous motion. This non-contact bearing concept promises a considerable reduction of frictional losses while increasing the guiding accuracies. This facilitates the generation of highly precise and reproducible laser holes. In addition, wear and necessary drive energy are reduced, which significantly increases the reliability and service life of the drilling optics.

Applications of the new drilling optics in medical technology

In medical technology, drilling optics are used in the manufacture of screens and filters, among other things. It can also be used for drilling holes in cannulas or other metal tubes with special bore geometry. The new concept can also be used to manufacture nozzles for needleless injection systems and micro-dispensing systems.

In addition to drilling, it is also possible to cut with the optics, as is the case with intraocular lenses or other implant parts. Feinmess Dresden and 3D-Micromac will present the new drill head at Laser World of Photonics in Munich.