Micro manipulator for measuring rotationally symmetrical parts

The 5-axis aligner MP200-5 from Steinmeyer Mechatronik allows optimum alignment of parts before measurement.

In the measurement of rotationally symmetric parts, misalignment and the displacement of the parts axis with regard to the rotation axis of the measurement influence the measurement result. Misalignment leads to higher measured values during wobble measurement and displacement to higher valuesduring eccentricity measurement. Particularly in the case of high-build parts such as cylinders, these systematic measurement errors cannot be fully compensated because they cannot be completely separated from actual form deviations using mathematical methods.

Wireless power supply and data transmission

Up to now, a hand-adjustable mechanism has been used for alignment in the µm range. However, this is not enough for quality-assuring measurements in mass production. The problem is the continuous rotation of the part to be measured that is often required during motorized adjustments. This is because the cables needed for power supply and communication with the control unit of mechanical devices do not permit continuous rotation of the set adjustment.

Steinmeyer Mechatronik now offers the micro manipulator MP200-5, an aligner in which power supply and data transmission can now take place wirelessly. The manipulator contains an internal control unit and establishes the communication connection via Bluetooth. Induction coils provide the electrical supply.