Extension of the 3-Axis Manipulator Series

The manipulators of the MP series are compact 3-axis systems for the XY and Z movement with outstanding process and accuracy values.

Steinmeyer Mechatronik has now completed the 3-axis manipulator series with the versions MP53, MP63 and MP130. Manipulators positioning in several degrees of freedom with sometimes very small strokes. They are used to align parts, as is often necessary in assembly processes. In combination with a fast automation system such as a robot, the accuracy of a system can be increased. With the size 53, 63 and 130 mm the manipulators MP53, MP63 and MP130 are 3-axis systems with an extremely compact orthogonal design, possible due to a deflected internal drive. All three variants have extraordinary process and accuracy values, which vary depending on the design and drive.

Thanks to extreme precision for highly accurate assembly tasks

The MP130 with ball screw and DC motor or stepper motor has 50 mm travel with an accuracy up to ± 2 ?m. Instead of the ball screw, the MP63 has a lead screw drive and thus achieves a repeatability that is twice as high. Finally, the piezo drive of the MP53 design allows an extreme accuracy of up to ± 0.1 ?m and 10 mm travel. Thus, the 3-axis manipulators are well suited for high-precision assembly tasks, as the centerpiece of desktop machines or experimental setups in research and development. The control with the FMC-2 controllers is an excellent supplement.

Steinmeyer Mechatronik supplies the 3-axis systems fully parameterized and configured, if required also with matched adapters and bore grids. The included Quick Access software ensures easy commissioning. The manipulators can be easily integrated into the user's system using C ++, C # and LabView libraries.