Bioprinting and cell separation with highest precision

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New from Steinmeyer Mechatronik: XYZ system for fast isolation of cells or for 3D bioprinters

The high-performance positioning system is an XYZ combination based on very robust and highly accurate industrial axes of the PLT family, which work absolutely reliably even in continuous operation. The design allows positioning in increments of less than 1 µm and guarantees the exact processing of even complex samples. Thanks to the closed design and the coating used for the hygienic area, clean room compatible 24/7 production up to ISO class 6 is guaranteed. This makes the new positioning unit from Steinmeyer Mechatronics ideal for sorting cells in the submicrometer range or for the fully automated production of biochips and organ-on-chip systems.

High-performance positioning system for fully automated production

The 3-axis system has travels between 200 and 500 mm and reaches speeds of up to 1,000 mm/s in the XY plane. A linear drive ensures maximum dynamics and short process times. The primary vertical axis with ball screw drive ensures a rigid feed and thus stable printing results. Cascades of dosing axes or spinning heads can be carried along this infeed axis. For the secondary axes, ground ball screws with Superfinish from Steinmeyer's parent company are used, which ensures extremely uniform or high-resolution dosing of many media simultaneously.


Developed for use in clean rooms

A fully interpolated controller guarantees fast 3D movements in space. The positioning system is protected against electrostatic impact and prevents the emission of particles by the closed cover of all axes throughout the entire movement. The clean room compatible design is also guaranteed by smooth, wipeable and metallic surfaces. In addition, the system is capable of logging, storing and outputting all operating and control parameters in real time for each batch and thus fully meets the high documentation requirements of medical technology.


Wide range of applications

The range of applications is broad and includes the construction of printing presses for cell structures and organs, the printing of individual lab-on-chip carriers and the separation of cells in cancer therapy. Steinmeyer Mechatronics adapts all solutions individually to the respective application. Up to five powerful, secondary Z-axes can be implemented for dosing print media or pipetting samples. Optional linear scales are available for highest accuracy requirements. On request, a completion to the complete device as well as a serial production of the customized machine (up to 500 pieces per year) can be realized.


MED Engineering 2020/09/28